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Hoheisel & Knitz


















1752 x 12 kg produkt linz [Linz 2000]

As a contribution to an exhibition in the museum of Linz Horst Hoheisel and Andreas Knitz encouraged the visitors to carry one stone each into their exhibition-room, passing the stairs and to put it down on a numbered parquet. Thus an empty room was changed during the time of the exhibition into a memorial room. The parameter of this work were not the artists but the visitors with their acceptance or rejection to this sign of memory.
After the exhibition the stones were removed to the botanical gardens where they will be »planted« in the lawn each with a number similar to the name plates of the plants. They point to several concrete pyramids which are the roofs of airshafts of airraid shelters. They were built by Mauthausen concentration camp prisoners for the inhabitants of Linz.